About Bruce Eaton

Bruce Eaton HeadshotBruce Eaton is the president and chief executive officer of i2 Pharmaceuticals. The company is a leading provider of lead optimization and hit discovery technology for clients in the pharmaceutical sector. As the organizational leader of i2 Pharmaceuticals, he oversees all business activities and forges strategic partnerships with prominent pharmaceutical companies. In addition to securing early and late stage intellectual property rights for medicinal chemistry services, Bruce Eaton spearheads the creation of technology-based tools for pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Before taking up his current responsibilities with i2 Pharmaceuticals, Bruce Eaton spent time as the chief operating officer of the proteomics technology company SomaLogic, Inc. In this capacity, he played a central role in all corporate strategic planning and led the company’s business development and corporate communications efforts. He managed the proteomic array and life sciences tools business of the SomaLogic’s alliances with Novartis, Otsuka, and Quest human diagnostics product pipeline.

Before becoming the chief operating officer with SomaLogic, Bruce Eaton served as a senior advisor to the company’s CEO. In addition, he was a consultant to Clovis Oncology from 2010 to 2014. As a consultant, he helped the team search its lead compounds for a newly discovered EGFR inhibitor compound class.  Dr. Eaton worked closely with the team at Clovis Oncology to acquire the medicinal chemistry and begin the development of CO-1686, now known as rociletinib, a promising compound that received U.S. FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation in 2014 and has shown significant potential in phase 2 clinical trials for NSCLC.

Bruce Eaton received a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in organic chemistry from the University of Oregon.